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Public Meeting Information

All public meetings will be conducted in the boardroom, unless otherwise instructed.

Doors will open at 8:30 a.m. and all visitors must clear a security screening.  Please be aware that excessive jewelry or change may delay the process. All meetings begin promptly at 9:00 a.m. If you arrive late, you will be seated in the lobby area after you have been cleared through the security screening process.

Screening methods include the use of walk-through metal detectors, metal detecting hand wands, physical searches, and visual observations.

Purses, handbags, backpacks, brief cases, boxes and other containers are not allowed.

Please leave knives, pepper spray, guns (even if you have a concealed weapon permit) and any other item that may be construed as a weapon in your vehicle.

Certified law enforcement officers, with proper identification, may bring in their service weapons.

Cell phones are allowed as long as they are on “vibrate” or “silent” mode.

Appropriate dress and language is required at all times.

Parking is permitted in the parking deck across the street in the One Union Building parking deck, as well as alongside the building (metered). We do not pay any parking fees.

Contact Information

Arkansas Parole Board
Two Union National Plaza
105 W Capitol Avenue #500
Little Rock, AR 72201-5730

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